Our company

Our history

Loyalty and exigency are the two pillars on which we have built our relationship with Equatorial Guinea since 1997. Every day, throughout these years, we have managed to adapt our services to the projects and needs of each client.

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This is the only way: by combining our experience with a team in continuous training, we have become the most reliable shipping company for you to continue driving the constant progress of the country.

Marguisa in 4 Key Concepts

These are the values and features that define us:


MARGUISA is not understood without its link with this country and is that since our inception we have connected Equatorial Guinea with the rest of the world. We are the only specialized shipping company in the country, which is not only a great responsibility but also our main source of pride.


It is clear to us that there is only one way to maintain the trust with our clients that we have forged over the years: by guaranteeing the best treatment for their cargo at every moment of the journey and, above all, by defending their interests as if they were our own.


Although the sea is unpredictable, our experience and our knowledge of the routes to West Africa guarantee your peace of mind, the continuous monitoring of the cargo and arrival at the destination in optimal conditions.


Each client is unique. That’s why whether you’re part of a large company, a medium-sized exporter with a desire to keep growing or a start-up entrepreneur, our service adapts to your needs and projects from the very first contact.