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Our Commitment

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Protecting the environment

At Marguisa, and as part of the Sea & Ports Group, we are aware of the environment and the impact that our activity has on it. We are therefore committed to doing our bit by searching for solutions that help to save energy and lower our carbon footprint.

Our fleet is being steadily renewed and becoming more energy efficient

We are focused on operating high-performance vessels with lower emissions, with the aim of achieving energy optimisation.

We use low-sulphur fuel to help to reduce sea pollution

We are aware of the problem of the oceans and are contributing to the cause by filling our vessels with low-sulphur fuel.

We operate increasingly more efficient routes that contribute to energy savings

An efficient route implies lower energy consumption and fewer emissions into the ocean and air. We are therefore striving to optimise our routes and find solutions.

We enter into partnerships to help to optimise our operations and protect the environment

We focus on searching for associations that help to make our logistics operations more efficient and avoid duplications in services.

Social engagement

We are conscious of our environment and are committed to providing solutions aimed at development the countries where we operate, and always ensuring total transparency in our communication. We are contributing to the wellbeing of this area in different ways.

We support different associations and organisations in Equatorial Guinea

We help non-profit organisations driving progress in different areas.

We work with foundations that use sport to teach values to the children of Equatorial Guinea

We play our part with the future generations that will continue to grow and develop the country.

We take part in fund-raising events

There is strength in numbers and we strive to raise visibility to encourage new participants to join.

We sponsor the São Tomé and Príncipe football school

For children at risk of social exclusion.

Talent & innovation

At Marguisa, as part of the Sea & Ports group, we ensure excellence. We place high value on the talent and the ongoing training of our workforce, with learning and improving every day thanks to communication, commitment, enthusiasm and effort.

We are committed to bringing human talent onboard

We believe that it is the driving force for a future full of opportunities.

We train and empower our workforce to ensure the excellence and professionalism of our brand

Ongoing staff training means we exceed the expectations of our clients, which are our priority.

We invest in safety and guarantee optimum working conditions for everyone in the company

The environment in which we operate can, sometimes, be dangerous. We therefore offer the utmost guarantee and protection when carrying out the different activities.

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